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Love + Work + Knowledge: Indeterminate, r.r.lackney 1995
Robert, what events or people
influenced your creative life?
Interview and discussion withFr. Cleo Schmenck, 1998

Ahhh! Good question, father. Let me think about this as I talk through my answer!!!
The first image I remember, as a child, was the “flicker and dance” of light on a chrome spoon. The Light seemed to invade everything that I saw.
Light “glowed” from walls, windows, floors, furniture, and there was a “glitter” that came out of my father’s eyes and invaded his smile.
Light was everywhere and in everything- including me!!!
My bedroom was a full of deep shades and shadows.

The light that came through the window in the morning: would “move across” the floor, crawl up onto the walls creating patterns that split, mixing and blended into geometric shapes that formed triangles, into squares, into rectangles with rounded edges.
Soon these patterns would become one great shadow in the corner or hide themselves in the closet as it seemed to turn into a cave- my future workshop with deep shades of grays and browns, and blacks filling the empty space.

Now, that I look back on these early “visions” and the beauty and wonder they provided a small child: I am not so much attracted to the “beauty of what I see or saw” as I have become pre-occupied with the visual images within the light as it moves about and I move into and out of it.
And, it this:

I have come to wonder about a special “presence” that emerges from the light.
This has become , for me, a quest a journey, a desire to enter into this light
On the canvas, tracing paper, the 4th Day journal I have added my “little marks”:

Intersecting lines forming surfaces and solids:
... Alive as shades and now shadows as these structures begin to bathe in the light.
For me this mysterious intersection of light, structure, geometry creating a Sacramental Presence in the Present Moment has become my source- a refuge, if you will- my Celetial Palace where I return to again and again.
My secret place where everything can happen ---all at once!!!
I hope this gets to the spirit if not the heart of your question.
Interview note taken from:
SANCTUARY : Space, Symbol and Spirituality. 2003.
Arch Angel Publications.

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