Sunday, February 1, 2009


Love Work Knowledge Service is indeterminate: r.r.lackney, 2000

Robert, what "ignites" your imagination?

When we think about the gift of creating all those beautiful things we touch, see, hear, or use in daily life. We gradually realize something of what God must have looked upon as the 1st Dawn and Evening came to this earth.

That Holy Gleam has been in every eye of every artist from the moment shade kissed a shadow. Did not Adam and Eve see the same glitter in the eyes of their children in the new creation surrounding them outside of the Gates of Paradise?

Have we not, for centuries, been captivated by the HIDDEN powers in the

ANCIENT SOUNDS, words, colors, shapes, that grace the great cave walls of France & Egypt?

And, recall the memories of our inspirations- we stand beneath the HOLY GAZE of a beautiful image that in the changing light- sensing as we do in its movements into the RHYTHMS of distant echoes from within the mystery that created it so long ago in those first moments that the CREATOR, the sole creator, loved the world into existence and in some marvelous way now has associated its beauty with and maybe in you?

We must all return to the Great Book of Nature to re-discover the essence of both the religious experience and this artistic creativity that has been given to artisans.

The Creator opens the narrative by loving all things into existence:

bringing something out of nothing.

Creating the rhythm of the birth and death within the Cosmos:The Great Presence.

Only God could think of such a thing. r.r.lackney 2002

Interview by: The Institute for Monastic Studies

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