Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Are The Objectives of The Educational Foundation?

To think, To struggle, and to doubt- this is what I believe what education is all about.

There are 3 Levels of learning:
A ::: Possession / Loss
B ::: Struggle / Sacrifice
C ::: The Recovery of Common Sense.

We discover the world, develop a vocabulary, and explore the “hidden mysteries”.

Interview notes from the "Spiritual Life". Vol.2. Feb.20th. r.r.lackney


1::: Discover, Prepare, and Mentor our exceptional students, teachers, and educational leaders.

2::: These students are currently in grade schools, middle schools, high schools and working professionals in the market place.

3::: Key question we must ask: " How effectively will we accomplish this?

The creation of an educational approach that prepares our brilliant students and teachers to contribute, create, and provide the solutions and engages the uncertainties, problems, and opportunities facing the local and global community.


1 ::: Are the attributes "Creativity- Innovation-Leadership" being weaned out of the individual student?

2 ::: Does the current educational system maximize the natural abilities of the student?

3 ::: Do the current educational settings (and processes) disconnect students, teachers and administrators from their talents?

4 ::: Does the current educational approach prepare our brilliant students and teachers to effectively contribute knowledge to the emerging issues, uncertainties, and opportunities to expanding problems found within the dynamics of the future world ?

5 ::: Does the current educational system within education focus the student to prepare for job(s) in the workplace and consistently push them away from doing certain things like music, art, sculpture, painting, and architecture?

6 ::: How should education prepare students (and teachers) for the marketplace? The workplace?

7 ::: Do educators support independent work, study, and travel to maximize the creative potential of our students, teachers, and staff?

8 ::: Is “Creativity- Innovation- Leadership” taught as a field of inquiry, within the curriculum along with Math and Science?


1: THE 4 D’S
The process of discovery, development, decision-making, and design that will educate our students, teachers, and leaders to come to the realization that we must be responsive to all life on our planet through our individual and collective Creative Imagination?

The creative processes that deliver true human knowledge, capacity, and ingenuity to the service of the human community at all levels.”
The providing “environments” that focus the discovery processes that maximize the ‘Creative- Innovation-Leadership” skills of students and teachers.

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