Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My grandmother, Aunt Lizzie, taught me to think about school as a train filled with books, computers, classrooms, parking lots, students, teachers, coaches, and principals chugging to its destination at the speed of 9 months per year.

Aunt Lizzie said:

“We all … are on a great journey working towards a future life of Love, Work, and Knowledge.”

The BIG QUESTION for educational leaders and parents:
“Will the train our children journey end in Florence, Rome and Paris? Or Siberia?”


Education goes to the inner core of people and takes us into a future that we can only guess:
1 ::: Ask: 'How do we educate for the future?'
2 ::: Ask: 'Do we prepare children, teachers, and educators for their future roles in society?'

3 ::: Ask: 'Who comes out of the top of the educational system after 16 years of schooling?'
4 ::: Ask: 'Does our educational system trully develop creativity, innovation, and leadership?'

Education provides a diet of mathematics, sciences, humanities, art, and dance to a system designed to encourage students to enter college, become university professors or trained for a job in the Justice System, Health System, Educational System, and the Government System.

Today, more people will be graduating from our schools than in the entire history of humanity.
And, it seems no one has a “clue” what the future challenges will be or how to educate children or teachers to provide the solutions to uncertainities that lie before us.

The solution may be hidden within the

Principle of Unpredictability:
‘... Unless you are prepared to be wrong you will never come up with an original idea ... ’

robert r. lackney, president
Society of Sacred Art and Architecture, Inc.

Copyright material: The Educational Foundation, Inc.
December, 2008

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