Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My 1ST “TOYS”: At the age of 4, I discovered my toys while sitting at my corner worktable while drawing squares and circles on white grid papers supplied to me by my father.
These neat little shapes and forms became my silent friends during the “time outs” my dad required when I refused to eat the canned corm my mother made for the evening supper.
I would draw little “crosses” in the Squares. Then make “+” signs in the circles.
My father told me that the plus signs were secrets that had been hidden by the angels so that I could spend a lifetime finding them.
Secrets. AH! Yes! The hidden manna! Mysteries to ponder and then to enjoy!

1 ::: Education begins at the shoulders of a father, mother, mentor, and a stranger who are willing to share their dreams with us.
2 ::: Play is the powerful way that we learn : not only as child but also has an adult.
3 ::: We learn by doing and thinking with our hands We make little toys to play with.
4 ::: Making things allows you to talk about what you are trying to say.
5 ::: An artisan must be able to build something- their toys- whenever and wherever they want.
6 ::: An artisan never needs permission to think with the hands to make toys.

robert r. lackney
Copyright material from Society of Sacred Art and Architecture, Inc. web site.

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