Saturday, January 31, 2009


Sketch Florence 1988, r.r.lackney

The best time for me was while in grade school at
Queen of the Holy Rosary Cathedral grade school.
I remember Sister Margaret leading the class to the playground.
The seats in the classroom were hard, cramped, and small
going outside was being released from the ‘cage’.
We were required to play a game that included:
7-10 children in single file trying to keep up with the
person directly in front. The person in front, the ‘1st Place’,

was usually a girl.
The girls sister said, always was better at following directions than boys.
The girl-leader was the leader of the band-
a small group of ‘urchins’.
The game rules were:
everything the leader did, no matter how difficult or ridiculous
the urchin-line had to copy.
We would spin, roll, crawl, jump, make noises,
and walk the footsteps wherever
Mary, Cindy, Phyllis, or Barbara would lead.
We all learned to do what it took to stay in the game.

“Follow the Leader’ was a lot of fun in those days."


1 ::: Leadership means a great deal: thinking and learning teams that create value
for the world who develop the ability to confront comlex problems.

2 ::: Leaders have the ability to create: this is a great thing.

3 ::: When leaders fail the entrerprise, institution, nation fails.

4 ::: Leaders are the guardians of society- that is a leaders job of he elite, the leaders.

5 ::: We need to train leaders to lead: the lawyers, teachers, doctors, care givers,
police, civil servants, engineers, designers, and the journalists.

6 ::: The leaders are the managers: when they fail those that follow suffer.

7::: Sooner or later we all must become a part of a “thinking team”
( the Meta-Group): whose mission is to confront complex problems.

8 ::: The mission of leadership is to “create”: the most empowering thing that can happen to a person.


1 ::: What is the imapct on our institutions due to:
Corruption, Weak Institutions, and The People who run them?

2 ::: Where are these leaders coming from? Where do these people come from?
What is about eductaion that produces leaders who are not ethical and cannot solve problems?
What is the impact of entitlement versus responsibiliy ?

3 ::: We must be intentional as to how we train our leaders:
go into the school- the courses they take. Many of these people have a strong sense of
entitlement not responsibility and we must be intentional as to how we train teachers.

4 ::: How do we confront and ask the right questions and come up with the right solutions?

5 ::: The Mission is to train a set of new people who are ethical and creative
who can come up with creative solutions to society’s promblems.

6 ::: Leaders need the skills to engage the world and good things will happen!

7 ::: Craft an Honor Code for ourselves that holds all accountable.

8 ::: Can we create a perfect society and reach towards perfection? We cannot accomplish perfection but we can attain excellance.

We must re-think the fundamental processes of leadership, the gift of human imagination and learn to see beyond what we do not know, then educate our whole being to act when we are uncertain of the decision outcomes.

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