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The New Organization: 2008
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The monks traveling with of Saint Francis of Assisi, in 1217, cautioned the Great Mystic saying:

“ Unless we organize these fellows … they will turn on us and we will be no more”.

Even those sent into this world to serve God had to “Organize” their operations.

We live in a time, where our educational leaders, institution, and marketplace are dominated by the compulsive commitment and the shrill calls to change.

Fortunately, the limits of knowledge continue to expand beyond our visions but not beyond our dreams. I suggest that we honor the counsel of St. Francis’ as he answered his monks:

“Yes, we must organize the monks… but quench not their spirits!”

These pathways become the mental images where like-minded people are engaged and opened to possibilities and alternative approaches to the issues and concerns of the problems that are being explored.

These creative process(s) have the potential to make the vision a reality.

Nothing happens without people. A team, a “meta-group” takes on its own personality and the collective knowledge flows out of its shared attitudes, behaviors and most importantly, from the mutual relationships that form among the “collective”.
One’s inner purpose provides the “stuff” of the core values that will define the collective, the team, and the meta-group.

Basic values such as:
Lifetime Learning, Trust, Commitment, Accountability, Integrity, Responsiveness, Inclusive Contribution are the kinds of principles that help the group (and the organization) shape the outcomes and solutions to the concerns at hand.

Beyond these basic values is the collective mind set that makes creative thought possible and turns the “Ordinary”, “Mundane”, and “Mediocre” into the “Extraordinary” solutions to problems.
Freedom, Intuition and Synergy are the ideals that shine in the distance so that our goals may be shaped so that we may be empowered to create the “magic” that gives us the power to fulfill our dreams.Innovation is an adventure in creativity.

Where strategies are put into place because leaders can envision the future and identify opportunities that define “pathways”, “doorways”, or “ways of thinking”.

r.r.lackney, excerpts from :" EDUCATION DESIGN AND PRACTICE". Archangel Aublications, Inc.Copyright 2000, Society of Sacred Art and Architecture, Inc. " Ideas Worth Spreading #81

r.r. lackney
2000 presentation: “Passion: Intuitions”,
Society of Sacred Art and ArchitectureInc.Inc.

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