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r.r.lackney 2000

Years ago I asked my father, ‘How do I make Dreams come true?’

He turned and looked straight into my eyes and said: “Simple. Don’t sleep!’

We all know sleepless nights are part of any real achievement.

Staying awake is part and parcel to any True Achievement: writing a poem, an article, a novel- making a painting from a FEELING, an image, a sketch, rehearsing lines, composing a tune, blowing a glass vase, carving marble, building a home.

Take this DREAM I had: awake at 2AM, 3AM, and 4AM.

Sometimes in a sweat with fragmented ideas thrashing around in my head:

“How big? How much? How soon?

Staring at the moonlight shadows on the bedroom ceiling, sorting through advice of the bankers, accountants, experts, and lawyers carrying yellow legal scratch pads. Half awake I try my best to crowd out all doubt that I can meet the design challenge: then the grinding of teeth, and deciding to make it happen before sunrise.

My mentor told me that: “All good things start in believing and then the keeping of the dream.”
And, I believed him, I still do. That is my experience.

And, the great spirit within asked as I awoke from my sleep:
“ … do you need a helping hand to make your dream come true?“

Yes!!!” I said: and the voice whispered:“ Look at the end of your arm!”


"The word “innovation” has never meant much in isolation.
To create innovative offerings and sustainable growth requires the alignment of an organization’s goals, people, resources, and culture.

So, when we designers think about innovation as it relates to client objectives, the words “design”, “business,” and “strategy” are never far behind.

Innovation means being receptive to cultural and market trends, and applying this knowledge in forward-thinking ways to generate groundbreaking and desirable products and services for our clients. This my source of “sleepless” nights and long workdays:

Creativity leads to innovation and has always been cumulative and collaborative.


1 ::: Inspiration: where does it come from? For me it does not come from research. I do research because it is interesting and it fills my mind with the details hidden beneath the thoughts I have.

2 ::: I like movies: adventures that take me to places I may never be able to go. I like colors: natural color is so beautiful. I lay awake at night: staying awake is a good thing. I go into vacant buildings:I embrace the past sounds of the voices that once lived and worked there. I visit cementaries: I listen to the spirits.

3 ::: Walking around: allows me to do a lot of things and deal directly with uncertainties, circumstances, expectations. Creative Imagination , for me, is the narrative of Innovation and Invention.

4 ::: ‘The more radical the innovation - the more uncertainty - the more we need innovation and collaboration within our meta group.

5 ::: At the moment of creation – in a dream - at the work bench – making a choice the truth is that all Innovation is accumulative and collaborative.

Innovation is the fruit of Creative Imagination. We place our ideas and passion into objects- we learn to speak through our hands solving problems and making meaningful things.

Working with the support of a “Meta-Group” of financiers, legal counsel, and technical experts.

This is the process that makes “Big Ideas” a reality

.r.r. lackney, 2000 presentation: “Passion: Intuitions”,
Society of Sacred Art and ArchitectureInc.Inc.

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