Thursday, December 30, 2010


Playschool Study 2010/ robert r. lackney architect

Children get their ideas from common sense and experience- from all the things that go on in their environments- all of it from their particular unique experiences- not from teachers-, as they believe they are the source.

Woolsely said: “ be very careful of what you put into children’s heads because it will never get it out.”

We look for models that reinforce our misconceptions. Things that are real are amateur- made by hands of love and passion. Children are not empty vessels- their experience will hold and is more accurate- mental models as a child persists into adulthood- and with our professionals do not shift their understandings learned in their hands on experience. Things that are “of my world- of love and passion” your own ideas and theories- unless you work with them you can not change them. We are not empty vessels. Poor teaching is worse than can be imagines. We design tests so that people can pass them.

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