Wednesday, March 4, 2009


1 ::: There is a serious flaw within current educational processes where a the “one size fits all” approach to teaching and learning

2 ::: What we need to do is to bring the best and the brightest into the education process and nurture our youth over an extended period of time: say 5,10,15 plus 3 years.

::: Children can do extraordinary things. Children are reaching out into everything and forming a new recipes , namely:

3::: META LEVEL LEARNING: children thinking about their personal learning-a community base learning process-the internet is at the center but now they are assembling ideas/concepts/solutions from multiple resources: the internet of course and from people from all over the world.

4 ::: 'The One glimmer of optimism'- children and learners are changing their institutions and then the institutions changing policies. The learners are already on the train- they have left the station and well on their way.

5 ::: We may indeed be a witness to the ::: Death of Education and The Dawn of Learning.

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  1. I am drawn to the phosphorescent blue in the diagram.